Outdoor clothing and equipment

Outdoor clothing and equipment

Outdoor Clothing and Equipment St Ives Cornwall

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Outdoor Clothing and Equipment

Our outdoor clothing and equipment are for those who are as passionate and as inspired by the outdoors, traveling, and camping as we are.

Each of our illustrations are lovingly drawn by hand. They are inspired by the great outdoors, traveling, the animals we meet along the way and the vehicles that take us there.

For every order placed with us, we plant 25 trees in your name!

We Are Carbon Neutral

It is no secret that here at We Are Wandering, the great outdoors, nature and the environment is very important to us, therefore we feel it is our duty to help reduce our carbon footprint. We also plant 25 trees for every order placed with us. Below is some information on what we have achieved so far, and we promise that will keep on planting tree for a long time to come!

Outdoor Clothing and Equipment Camper Van
Outdoor Clothing and Equipment St Ive Cornwall
Outdoor Clothing and Equipment Illustrated Graphics and Clothing