OAKLND Cruiser Skateboard – Blue Trucks

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OAKLND Cruiser Skateboard – Blue Trucks

OAKLND Cruiser Skateboard – Blue Trucks. We Are Wandering are proud to team up with OAKLND Skateboards. All of OAKLND’s Mini Cruisers are handmade in the UK out of 100% recycled timber. The materials used in the making of this board are sapele, wood, timber, walnut, pine, ash and oak.

Wood is one of the most important recyclable materials. The first, and possibly biggest, benefit of recycling wood is helping to save the trees. By recycling wood you are helping to preserve natural resources. Wood recycling also helps the environment by preventing wood from ending up in landfills, which in turn means reduced air pollution and water pollution. Wood recycling is an ideal technique for ensuring that the environment is maintained in its natural state. So why not help to save the world and get a cool new board while you’re at it?

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