Introducing Our New Ride Free T-Shirt!

Introducing our new ride free t-shirt!

This “Ride Free” t-shirt is made from 100% organic 150gsm cotton and offers a relaxed and contemporary fit. It features a small bicycle handlebars chest print. Available in both men’s and women’s fit.

This illustration was inspired by one of our favourite pass times – Cycling. Whether downhill, mountain or on the road, cycling has so many fantastic environmental impacts that we can’t help but shout about them! Riding your bike rather than driving you car cuts down on greenhouse gas emissions and global climate change. It reduces air pollutants, noise pollution and congestion. It also reduces the need for new parking lots and roads, saving the valuable green space to do what we love doing most… exploring. But when you’re out on your bike, remember – Ride Free!

Our outdoor clothing and equipment are for those who are as passionate and as inspired by the the outdoors, traveling, and camping as we are. Each of our illustrations are lovingly drawn by hand. They are inspired by the great outdoors, traveling, the animals we meet along the way and the vehicles that take us there.

It is no secret that here at We Are Wandering, the great outdoors, nature and the environment is very important to us, therefore we feel it is our duty to help reduce our carbon footprint. We also plant 25 trees for every order placed with us. Below is some information on what we have achieved so far, and we will keep on planting for a long time to come!

When you place an order with us, we will plant 25 trees with your name attached to them. You will receive a custom weblink to learn more about your trees, where they have been planted and be able to watch them grow. You can share the link with your friends and family to show them the positive impact you have had! Your trees will become a part of our overall forest. They will be available to view along side everybody else’s tree in the We Are Wandering community. We also plant trees monthly to help reduce, and neutralise, our carbon impact. It is a subject we feel extremely strongly about. We will keep striving to find new ways to help improve the planet around us.